Decorate with Mirrors

In addition to considering the mirror's purpose and area of use, you can also see the mirror as a work of art or a decorative accessory in the interior. Mirrors enlarge the room and reflect the light, giving a feeling of space. They can also create a beautiful contrast to the rest of the interior. A round mirror can, for example, be decorative in combination with square and rectangular wall art.

Mirrors inspiration Svenskt Tenn
Mirrors inspiration Svenskt Tenn

Mirror 2492

A mirror with a distinct frame and expression can be beautiful to hang in a place where it attracts the eye. An example of can be Mirror 2492, also called the “Laurel Leaf Mirror”, designed by Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson in 1941.

As early as towards the end of the 1920s, laurel leaf depictions were used as foliate crowns on mirrors. This decorative pewter laurel crown is hand-cast at the Humstorp metal workshop, where 12 different sections are joined together to create an integrated circle. The chill moulds used in the manufacturing process are the same as those used in Estrid Ericson’s days.

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Fauna Mirror

Larger mirrors give the impression of more space and reflect more light. The Fauna mirror also adds an architectural element that captures the reflections of the frame. The "Fauna of Mirrors" myth which tells of a world of creatures that exist hidden behind every mirror, and the idea of an extra dimension reflected in the mirror, inspired John Astbury to the name. The material choices are simple but at the same time solid and create a geometric play on the eye.

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Mirror Round Convex

A mirror that is placed near other furnishings and interior details, can also be part of a decorative still life. This round mirror with a calyx-like mahogany frame and a convex glass, was designed by Josef Frank in the 1030s. The inspiration came from the Renaissance period, a time when people often used convex mirrors to capture the entire room as if in a painting.

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Mirror With Mirror Frame

Another decorative variant is the mirror with a mirror frame, designed by Josef Frank after an idea by Estrid Ericson. The unique expression makes it beautiful to hang on both a white painted and a wallpapered wall. The mirror was first in production during the 1980s in connection with Josef Frank's 100th anniversary, and was subsequently taken back into production in 2008.

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