A Christmas Miracle For the table setting

Create a warm and inviting table setting for Christmas with joyful colours, flowers and patterned textiles. Josef Frank's classic Mirakel (Miracle) print, has been relaunched in a beautiful red colour, which here adorns the tablecloth. The print was designed in the late 1920s, embellished with large-scale fantasy flowers, winding lianas and a sea of dots. This is one of the prints by Josef Frank’s that is most inspired by William Morris' pattern composition. A difference, however, is that Mirakel is characterised by its liveliness and vitality rather than the quiet wonder that is often evoked by Morris' designs.

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Christmas 2020 inspiration table setting Svenskt Tenn

Take the table setting to new levels

High candle holders recur constantly in Svenskt Tenn's table settings, and so they have done ever since our founder Estrid Ericson began using them. She had very specific thoughts about placing candles high, so that the light from them would come from above. Flower decorations, on the other hand, should be low, so that you can easily see the person across the table. By combining high candle holders in different levels, a dynamic expression is created on the table. Candle rings, such as Estrid Ericson's classic "Löv Gren" (Leaf & Branch), is another way to take the table setting to a new level.

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