Svenskt Tenn's living room inspiration for summer 2022

Living room by the sea

Warm, yellow sunlight and billowing curtains. Materials that testify to the closeness of nature. This summer, we’re decorating the living room for a simple seaside lifestyle.

Svenskt Tenn's summer living room 2022

It’s not the household items and furniture that are the most important – it’s the ‘atmosphere’. This consists partly of the light, both daylight and evening light, and the proportions of the room… Everything that ‘lives’ makes a home far more beautiful than a perfectly formed chair or a carefully selected wallpaper on the wall.

– Svenskt Tenn’s founder, Estrid Ericson

Billowing curtains

Thin, romantic curtains are perhaps the easiest way to dress up your living room for summer. Our “100 linen” fabrics are perfect for summer curtains.

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Living room 2022

Like Islands in the sea

Stools have been placed in the summer living room like small islands in the sea. Both Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson advocated furnishings that changed with the times. The easy-to-move stool was therefore an ideal piece of furniture, which should of course be part of a free and flexible interior, according to Josef Frank.

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Textile Cabinet Poisons

Josef Frank's Cabinet 522, which was relaunched in the summer of 2022, stands for the bold contrast in the living room. It is a classic and timeless cabinet, designed by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn in 1934 – 1935.

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... The modern home is therefore a mix of more expensive and inexpensive objects that don’t have to go together… The main thing is simply convenience and comfort.

– Estrid Ericson

Living room 2022

Statement Pieces

On display

In the living room by the sea, we welcome nature into classic display cabinets, where stones and shells are combined with iconic products and pewter objects from Svenskt Tenn’s range.