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At Svenskt Tenn, we want to inspire our followers and visitors to create exciting and personal interiors. The workspace is one of our main environments, and our standing inspiration for these furnishings can be found upstairs in the store at Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm.

Here, our founder Estrid Ericson's old office has been preserved behind glass. Paper, binders, books, inspirational objects and personal details. Everything remains just as she left it at the time of her passing in 1981.

Estrid Ericson's workspace at Svenskt Tenn

Estrid Ericson's office isn’t an ordinary workspace but rather an artist's studio. An inspiring place where she planned exhibitions, interiors and upcoming launches together with the architect and designer Josef Frank. She worked at a desk with a linoleum board, a durable surface that could stand all types of creative work.

Today, contemporary echoes of the workspace are regularly created downstairs in the store, with Josef Frank's timeless desks, chairs and interior accessories.

Inspiration for the workspace by Svenskt Tenn

Josef Frank enjoyed designing desks and spaces for writing. Whether it was a magnificent mahogany desk or a small desk for a little, creative workplace, he often used organic forms to enhance the table’s natural wood surface. He created the 980 desk in conjunction with New York World’s Fair in 1939 where Svenskt Tenn’s studio became a great success with innovative and different designs.

DESK 2115

Sideboard, desk or dressing table. This piece of furniture was designed by Josef Frank around 1950 and can be used in different ways depending on your specific needs. The fittings and the rim at the back and on the sides do their part to catch the eye. The table is designed to be placed either against a wall or freely in a room, which not only makes it beautiful but also practical.

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Estrid Ericson worked surrounded by personal, cherished belongings such as shells, sculptures, Asian porcelain, beads, jewellery, stacks of newspaper clippings and graphic sheets. Her collections inspired her both privately and at work.

Inspiration for the workspace by Svenskt Tenn
Inspiration for the workspace by Svenskt Tenn

At 83 years of age, Estrid Ericson wrote in a letter: “I am like the old woman who didn’t want to die until she had cleaned the attic. I don't want to give up until all the unregistered stuff I've collected in my room for over 50 years have transformed into something sellable.”

Inspiration for the workspace by Svenskt Tenn


Pewter accessories are consistently part of Svenskt Tenn’s workroom furnishings. Function and aesthetics are combined in the selection of objects, such as Estrid Ericson's letter weight in the shape of a hand, the ruler with Anna Petrus' classic lion and the pewter paper knife by Björn Trägårdh from 1929.

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I only live when I work. It is my societal right to be thoroughly used up when I die.

Written by Bernard Shaw, quoted by Estrid Ericson.

Inspiration for the workspace by Svenskt Tenn