Vases for flower arrangements

Vases for flower arrangements by Svenskt Tenn

Estrid Ericson loved to arrange flowers and plants in beautiful vases. Each week, she collected bouquets that she used to decorate in different places around the house and in the store at Strandvägen in Stockholm.

On this page, we have gathered all the inspiration you need to choose a vase suitable for both small and large plants, bouquets and flower arrangements, as well as single stems, cut flowers, cuttings and shoots.

Vases in Pewter and Glass

Mixing shapes and materials allows you to create a more personal and vivid home. Pair your arrangements with a vase that fits the placement and that highlights your bouquet. Svenskt Tenn’s assortment includes a wide range of glass vases in different colours, such as Johan Bjurman's vase Mareld or Carina Seth Andersson's vase Kotte. Opt for several vases and mix the different colours, or pair a glass vase with one in pewter, such as Björn Trägårdh's popular vase Wave from 1933.

Small or Large Vase

According to Estrid Ericson, all plants fit in a vase, but the important thing is to choose a grand vase for grand bouquets and a small vase for delicate flowers. A big vase has a strong presence in the room and can support large arrangements and twigs, while the small vases are better suited for cuttings or individual cut flowers. For the largest bouquets and plants, a tall vase with a wide opening is a good choice, while narrow flowers with a long stem, such as tulips and roses, look best in a vase with a narrow opening, such as Josef Frank's vase No. 13. Combine large and small vases to make creative arrangements that add colours and cheer to the interior. One option is Ann Wåhlström's vase Iris, which is available in four sizes in three different colours.

Globular and Round

Svenskt Tenn’s assortment includes round vases in varying sizes that are made of glass and pewter. Carina Seth Andersson's hand blown vase Dagg has become a modern classic in many homes, just as Ann Wåhlström's vase Pion and Maria Håård's vase Mini, but one of the first round shaped first vases in the range is Estrid Ericson's vase Acorn. The design is inspired by her summer house Tolvekarna outside Stockholm with the idea of sprouting an acorn, but it is equally suitable for cuttings, shoots and meadow flowers. 20 years later, she also designed the pewter vase Jam Jar, which with its practical size has many uses.

High Tall Vases

A tall narrow vase allows you to create a blooming still life or highlight individual florals. An example is the vase Pipes by Nils Fougstedt, which features a unique design characterised by protruding pipes that distribute the flowers in a beautiful way. Despite its modern and contemporary expression, it was designed as early as 1931.