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A gift from Svenskt Tenn is something that is passed down through generations. When visiting our store, several customers tell us about objects that they received from older relatives many years ago, and that they now have let the next generation inherit and enjoy.

Presentguide Svenskt Tenn

To choose the right gift for the right occasion can be a challenge – but it is something that our experienced employees are happy to help you with. Carolina has worked in the store on Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm for many years. Here, she shares her best advice on how to find a personal gift.

As a christening gift, Carolina likes Svenskt Tenn’s classic pewter boxes and jars. The many vases, trays in colourful prints and Estrid Ericson’s heart-shaped objects are also much appreciated gifts.

– The pewter boxes and jars can initially be used by children for crayons and crafts. As an adult, you can use them to store things such as jewellery and souvenirs. They are both beautiful and useful as baptism gifts.

In addition to the aesthetic and practical, the symbolism can also be of value. For graduation, one of Carolina’s favourites is the book end Alfa Omega, which can be a symbolic gift representing the many hours spent on reading and studying.

Presentguide Svenskt Tenn

Popular wedding gifts include Josef Frank’s Knot of Friendship – a symbol for friendship and peace – and the iconic ‘Egyptian’ candle holder, which is often combined by Estrid Ericson’s matchbox featuring the text “The world is a book and he who stays at home reads only one page.”

– Estrid often engraved texts that gave the objects a deeper meaning or a more exciting appearance. She worked with contrasts in both expression and the choice of material, and was deeply influenced by historical eras, cultures and her many travels, says Carolina.

Presentguide Svenskt Tenn
Presentguide Svenskt Tenn

– For birthdays, Anna Petrus’ classic vase Head of Janus is a symbolic gift where the faces show two different expressions: one for the youth looking ahead with curiosity, and one for the elder looking back with wisdom. It is a gift that is often appreciated for its timeless charm and symbolism.

The solid craftsmanship, the sense of details and the timeless expression are some of the things that make Svenskt Tenn’s products popular as gifts. As they are carefully crafted using traditional methods, each product is given its own expression with unique variations.

The wrapping is also part of the gift. At least at Svenskt Tenn, where the white box for decades has been combined with tissue paper, classic green ribbons and our emblem ‘Änglamärket’.