Roman Blind

Roman blind

A roman blind can either be lined or unlined and sewn with different types of fold. Classic roman blinds have flat fold lines when fully extended, as pictured. ’Hobbled’ or ’looped’ roman blinds have visable folds even when fully extended, creating an elegant waterfall effect. A roman blind can be fixed onto the wall, ceiling or inside the window niche itself.

See all options available in the curtain buying guide below.

PICTURED FABRIC: Celotocaulis Green 315 linen, lined with plain white cotton fabric

Gardinguide Veckhissgardin Bild - Svenskt Tenn
Curtain choice

Try to frame the window rather than cover it and let the curtains hang about one to two centimetres above the floor. Large patterned fabrics, such as those of Josef Frank, often look better as curtains, whereas smaller patterns can be perceived as being too busy on a larger surface.

It is important to consider pattern matching when sewing your curtains. Sometimes the curtains need to be pattern matched by width, for example when using double width panels. Pattern matching is different for each pattern. Svenskt Tenn’s knowledgeable staff are happy to help with measuring fabric and pattern matching as required.

Seam allowance is needed for the hem. Allow for around 20 – 30 centimetres per curtain panel and add to the total length.

Curtains are regularly used in living rooms and bedrooms, and kitchens can be forgotten. Kitchen interiors are often very paired back, and a curtain can elevate the room’s overall impression. The most important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong. Always take into consideration the room, the proportions, the light and architecture.

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Textiles in all forms contribute a lot to a room. They affect the room as a whole, the feeling, the light and the sound. A room can undergo a major transformation with the help of curtains, among other things, but it is not always easy to make the right choice. In order to simplify your purchase, Svenskt Tenn has gathered everything you need to know in a curtain buying guide.

Svenskt Tenn's store
The textiles department on Strandvägen

Upstairs on Strandvägen 5, there is Svenskt Tenn's Textile department with a wide variety of fabrics to choose from – both Svenskt Tenn’s own range and fabrics that can be ordered from the world’s suppliers. There is also a selection of decorative curtain poles and rails in the store.

Opening hours
Interior design studio Svenskt Tenn
Interior Design Studio

Svenskt Tenn’s Interior Design Studio, upstairs on Strandvägen 5, has textile decorators and others who can help with the whole process: from choice of curtains to ordering and hanging. Interior designers can also provide advice and suggestions if you are unsure about what to consider when choosing fabrics. Welcome to contact us at or +46-(8)670 16 78.

  • Sewing, unlined curtain length, studio sewn, from 900 SEK
  • Sewing, lined curtain length, studio sewn, from 1 800 SEK
  • Other special sewing according to offer
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