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Furniture online

Timeless furniture in sustainable materials, handmade in Sweden – Svenskt Tenn has a wide furniture range with beautiful furniture in solid, durable materials. Josef Frank’s classic furniture designs are combined here with selected pieces by contemporary designers. There are chairs, tables, cabinets, sofas, armchairs, stools and much more. Approximately 80 per cent of Svenskt Tenn’s furniture range consists of products uniquely designed for Svenskt Tenn. Architect and designer Josef Frank left behind approximately 2,000 furniture sketches, about 70 of which are in production today. There is also modern furniture in the online store and at Strandvägen 5, which has been created by some of the most skilled designers and craftspeople of our time.

Classic and timeless furniture for all types of homes. Svenskt Tenn has a wide range of furniture of both classic and modern design. Hallway furniture, living room furniture, kitchen furniture and furniture for the dining room, study or library. Discover Josef Frank's unique furniture design, combined with design furniture from contemporary designers.

Svenskt Tenn's furniture department consists of furniture in beautiful materials and high quality. Many furniture are available for delivery in about 1-2 weeks and others, mostly upholstery furniture, have a delivery time about 8 - 12 weeks, since each individual piece of furniture is manufactured by hand, and specifically for each customer.

Cost, terms and delivery time varies depending on country and type of goods. Delivery of furniture purchased through the website is made to Sweden and Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. To order furniture to other countries, please contact Svenskt Tenn's Customer Service.

“Josef Frank’s furniture has originality, an unmistakable touch and is well made.”
– Estrid Ericson

Wooden furniture

Svenskt Tenn has worked with furniture made from wood since the 1930s and the material is one of the most dominant ones in the company’s production of furniture today. The manufacture of Svenskt Tenn’s wooden furniture requires extensive knowledge of the material. A large part of the craftsmanship takes place at the fine carpentry shop, Eriksson and Sons outside of Nyköping, where every part of the furniture is made by hand. All of Svenskt Tenn’s furniture suppliers are subject to the EU Timber Regulation, which has strict rules regarding the timber trade. Svenskt Tenn also supports the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and we encourage our furniture suppliers to product products in FSC-certified wood.

Upholstered furniture

During his time at Svenskt Tenn, Josef Frank designed close to 120 different varieties of upholstered furniture pieces. In today’s product range there are a number of sofas, stools and armchairs in different sizes. Upholstered furniture is manufactured at Sjögren’s, a family-owned furniture factory in Tranås. A high level of craftsmanship goes into the production of furniture here with very few automated tasks.

Josef Frank's furniture designs

“It doesn’t matter if you mix old and new, combining furniture styles, colours and prints. Things that you like will fuse into one calm entity.”
– Josef Frank

Josef Frank often spoke about “the room’s clarity” and meant that a room should easily be interpreted as seeming pleasant. An example is to have furniture on high legs to discern the border between the floor and the wall. He felt that interior design and furnishings should always start with the human being. He stressed for example that the form of chairs – in contrast to, for example, furniture for storage – should be based on the human body’s anatomy and not adapted according to other furniture to create a certain style.

Certificate of Autheticity 

When buying furniture from Svenskt Tenn, you always receive a certificate of authenticity with the furniture's title, designer, date and receipt.