Svenskt Tenn's holiday dining room 2023

Holiday Dining Room

This holiday season, we set our dining table to enchant guests of all ages. Colourful glasses, grandiose candelabras, stacks of baked goods and unique details makes for a display for both children and grown-ups.

The table is set with a palette of green, brown and yellow. The linen tablecloth, featuring Josef Frank’s Catleya print is freshly pressed and on the table there’s a wide variety of glassware. Personalised gingerbread cookies are placed at every seat. Grown-ups toast with Gunnar Cyrén’s classic ‘Pop’ glasses, while the children’s seats are doused with candy canes and wrapped gifts. Mismatching chairs are placed around the table, creating a comfortable and inviting setting for all ages.

Christmas dining room Svenskt Tenn 2023

To dine is a pleasure for all ages and ranks of society. We sit down for a meal more than a thousand times each year of our lives. So it is of utmost importance that we try to make these events enjoyable. Anything that can bring a sense of poetry and pleasure to a meal, should be cherished.

– Estrid Ericson

Combine, mix, and match different details to make this Christmas’ table settings feel personal. Svenskt Tenn’s deep green schnapps glasses are crafted by Reijmure Glasbruk based on a design from the 18th century. Here, the glasses are combined with Svenskt Tenn’s oval platters from the 40s, Sebastian Schildt’s pewter pitcher from 2002 as well as Italian designs like Alberto Striulli’s Hexagon carafe and the Milano cutlery set from Pinti Inox.

Inspiration Matrum Svenskt Tenn jul 2023

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Josef Frank often combined different materials in his designs. For this candelabra, he used shiny polished brass and woodwork lacquered in green, white or red. This design originates from the 1950s and has become a recurring classic that returns to Svenskt Tenn’s range each Christmas.

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A sideboard is ideal for displaying and serving Christmas sweets. Fill it with plates and bowls of candies, nuts and fruits. Josef Frank’s ‘567’ Sideboard was designed for Svenskt Tenn in 1935, and is today crafted by master woodworkers Eriksson och Söner outside of Nyköping.

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Serve up snacks or sweets on a beautiful tray with patterns by Josef Frank. The ‘Catleya’ print in brown is one of the new additions this Christmas, designed in the 1930s for Svenskt Tenn. It was our founder Estrid Ericson who in the 1950s began laminating printed fabrics onto trays, something that continues to be a part of today’s range. This technique ensures that every tray has a unique and lively expression.

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