Pot Tolvekarna - Diameter 23,5 cm Height 21,5 cm, Stoneware, Red, Erika Pekkari | Svenskt Tenn

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    Erika Pekkari
    Diameter 23,5 cm Height 21,5 cm

    The plant pots are available in several different sizes and a variation of beautiful colours. The bottoms of the pots are unglazed and have a drainage hole, and are thus eminently suitable for planting. The pots are made of stoneware at the Porcelain Factory in Lidköping, Sweden. The factory was founded in 2007, resurrecting the historic factory that was closed by Rörstrand in 2005/2006.

    This pot is best paired with the saucer which is 22 cm in diameter.

    The saucer is sold separately.

  • Design

    Designer Erika Pekkari thinks of her work as vegetation in a landscape of experiences, where ideas grow and sprout. Her love of botany has been around for many years, and she has long experience of designing pots in clay. Erika Pekkari also loves to press flowers and leaves. To feel the shape and the tactile aspects of the living material. When she created the plant pots for Svenskt Tenn, botany was part of the inspiration, as was the human need to arrange items – to cultivate and develop surroundings with vegetation.

    “Botany is fantastic, both the graphic and historical part of it, Linnaeus Flora, the name of different species and the vegetation itself. To sow a seed, plant, wait and see something grow – sensuality is part of the whole process. It is living matter that is constantly changing, broken down and recreated again. The vegetation is permissive and poetic, and the plant pots were designed as a concentrated of these aspects.”

    “The design itself is simple, practical. The pot has a clear task. It should be but not take over, have a strong shape and at the same time stand back for the plant. In other words, it should be a good partner to the plant or flower that is planted in it. The pot should be able to be used in different ways by different people, and be part of the changing process that belongs to creating a home.”


    Erika Pekkari

    Erika Pekkari

    Designer Erika Pekkari studied at Beckmans College of Design from 1984-1987 and has worked with everything from textiles and glass to metal and wood for a host of different clients.

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Pot Tolvekarna Diameter 23,5 cm Height 21,5 cm, Stoneware, Red

980 SEK (incl. VAT, excl. saucer)

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Accompanying saucers are sold separately.