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Classic plant pot range

Svenskt Tenn’s flowerpots with saucers come in a many different designs. Find your favourite among classic creations in pewter, glass and brass, by designers such as Josef Frank, Estrid Ericson, Anna Petrus and Nils Fougstedt. You can also choose a flowerpot and saucer in contemporary design by Erika Pekkari.

Popular Stoneware Pots

Svenskt Tenn’s popular stoneware pots include various seasonal colours. Combine a classic, white pot together with one or several coloured pots, for example green, yellow or blue to create an arrangement that adds a little something extra to the atmosphere and details in your décor. The plant pot also come in a deep red tone for Christmas, adding a holiday mood to any interior. The pots are handmade at Porslinsfabriken (Porcelain Factory) in Lidköping, one of Sweden’s few remaining porcelain factories. It is situated on historic ground at Rörstrand Center. Elegant saucers in brass and silver-plated brass complete the final touch to the pots.

Hortus, by Josef Frank, is another well-known and well-liked flowerpot in Svenskt Tenn’s range. The original brass version was designed as early as 1938. During the war, when it was difficult to get a hold of metals, Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson had the pot produced in glass. Svenskt Tenn’s 1942 spring exhibition presented the Hortus pot in ruby red, emerald green and cobalt blue glass.

Still life from pots

Our decorative plant pots and saucers come in different materials and sizes. Create your own unique and personal look by combining several different pots and saucers from Svenskt Tenn. A small flowerpot becomes a beautiful still life together with a large or medium-sized pot. Plants and flowers become even more beautiful in a decorative pot. The various pots and saucers can be combined in many different ways and depending on their shape and placement, can change the feeling of a room and give your plants a lift.

Planters and containers

Svenskt Tenn’s stoneware pots are suitable for planting as all of them have drainage holes in the bottom. The flowerpots in pewter, aluminium, glass and brass serve mainly as containers and should, as much as possible, not be exposed to moisture.

A plant pot as a gift

Svenskt Tenn's plant pots and saucers are great gifts for every occasion. A plant pot as a Christmas present, birthday present, wedding gift or for graduation is always appreciated, whether you choose a pot that is suitable for planting, or a decorative pot that is best used as a container.

Plant pots from different decades

In Svenskt Tenn's range there are both traditional plant pots and pots in modern design, created by contemporary designers. Everything from Josef Frank's wavy pot in brass, pewter and aluminium, designed in the 1920s, the Hortus pot designed in 1938 and the “H” pot designed in the 1940s, to Erika Pekkari’s now classic stoneware pots, designed in 2011 for Svenskt Tenn. Like the other interior details in the range, the pots are characterized by timeless design and elegance.

Use your pot in different ways

Use your pot for planting, as a broad vase or to pile red apples. A pot is both practical and beautiful and becomes a varied interior decoration for your home. Replacing and combining different flower pots according to season is a good way to renew your decor and add new colours and shapes to the interior.

Plant pots & saucers