Peter Nylander

Photo of the French architect Jean-Baptiste Lescudé and his fabric pattern Persephone

Working with basic shapes in different variations creates designs that last over time. The lantern came about naturally, as a combination of cylinders and spheres with harmonising proportions, feel and practicality. The glass is a nod to older, optically blown objects with the refraction of light and the resulting play of light.

Peter Nylander’s Lux candle lantern is intended to be used at bright moments in life, placed where people meet loved ones, gather and socialise. It can be on the table, by the seating area, on a patio, in the great hall or in the small living room.

Peter Nylander is a designer and artist, educated at Beckman’s College of Design in Stockholm where he has worked as a lecturer since 2008. Today he works as a designer, artist and curator. Over the years, Peter Nylander’s work has been exhibited at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm, the Design Biennale in Saint-Étienne, Tent London in London and DesignTide in Tokyo, among others. He has created sets and costumes for several productions at Stockholm’s Dansens Hus, Kulturhuset and Moderna Dansteatern, and has worked as a programme presenter and props designer for SVT, Sveriges Television.

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