Celebration table setting Svenskt Tenn

A glistening table setting

Understated Celebration

A festive table setting is understated and elegant with soft touches of white, grey and blue-grey. Josef Frank designed the map illustration back in 1939 and the plate, with the classic Stockholm motif, was specially ordered from the Italian design company Fornasetti for the first time in 1946. Decorating with maps was Estrid Ericson’s way of inviting the world to the home.

Plate Stockholm

It is easy to create a beautiful and useful still life, using the handmade Magreas tray as the base. Karin Wallenbeck and John Astbury designed the tray exclusively for Svenskt Tenn, in a stainless steel that has a unique mirror finish, which raises the material against the thin brass edge.

Both the table and the tray are adorned with Estrid Ericson’s Acorn (Ekollon) vase, buds, white Christmas roses and orchids. There are also delicate, hand-blown champagne glasses, manufactured at the Skruf glassworks in Småland. The glasses have an open and soft, but at the same time, stringent and elegant design, that their designer Ingegerd Råman describes as delicate, yet functional. In addition to the champagne glasses, the Crystal Flora series also includes wineglasses and seltzer glasses in two different sizes.

Elegance and functionality also come together in Sebastian Schildt’s wine cooler, designed for Svenskt Tenn in 2014. The round cooler keeps drinks cold without getting wet. It is made of pewter and brass; materials that can be found in many of the products that Sebastian Schildt has created for the table. The material is timeless and durable – designed to age well and do it beautifully.

Wine Cooler
Celebration table setting Svenskt Tenn