Svenskt Tenn's holiday botany 2022

Create a Holiday mood with Christmas flowers

Amaryllis, azalea, Christmas rose and hyacinth. Whether you prefer a traditional Christmas flower or spectacular floral arrangements for Christmas, there are many ways to create a holiday atmosphere with plants and flowers in vases and pots.

Traditional Christmas groupings are all well and good, but for Svenskt Tenn’s Christmas 2022, we’re not only showing classic flowers like amaryllis in a vase and hyacinth in a pot, but also inspiring new flower traditions. At Millesgården in Stockholm, a fairy-tale setting where flowers and plants blend with stately statues, beautiful murals, magnificent rooms and sumptuous terraces, we’ll show you a new way to create Christmas ambience with beautiful and decorative bouquets and plantings.

Amaryllis in a vase can entail a single flower in a tall vase, or a whole bunch of Amaryllis in a lush Christmas bouquet. For Christmas 2022, we’re combining the traditional Christmas flower with favourites like amaranth, gerbera daisies, torch lilies and celosia. A simple pine twig and paradise apples on the table complete the setting.

Dagg Vase

The vase is organic. It is made and interpreted by skilled hands. There is nothing static in it. They are all blown in the same shape, but all turn out a little different depending on the mass of glass and the heat.

– Carina Seth Andersson, designer 

The large, globe-shaped Dagg vase has become a modern classic in Svenskt Tenn’s range: A perfect vase for lush bouquets and festive floral arrangements. To create a bushy and vibrant Christmas bouquet, you can mix tall stems with shorter flowers and hanging branches. Just as with interior design, think about how different styles, colours and shapes often blend together to create a beautiful whole.

To the Dagg vase

Josef Frank’s


Create a still life with the vase in focus. Find your favourite among the Josef Frank classics.

In 1957, Josef Frank designed a collection of vases, including numbers 7, 5, 13 and 8 – all with completely different shapes: tall, narrow, wide and low. The smallest of these vases is number 8, only 11 centimetres high and 13 centimetres wide, while the tallest, number 13, holds the tallest bouquets of Christmas flowers.

Boxwood in a new way. The popular and varied shrub was one of Svenskt Tenn founder Estrid Ericson’s favourites. For Christmas 2022, we are planting boxwood in the classic Tolvekarna pot, and combining it with globe-shaped flower arrangements of carnations, rosehip and small shrubs, dressed up with our own brass flower.

The decorative brass flower is handmade, inspired by a flower that was in the range during Estrid Ericson’s time. Use it as an ornament in your Christmas group or as a decoration on your tree.

Discover the brass flower

Tolvekarna Pot

Svenskt Tenn’s classic Tolvekarna pot was named after Estrid Ericson’s beloved summer house.

It was designed by Erika Pekkari för Svenskt Tenn and has a simple and practical design with a clear purpose. The pot is needed, but should not take over, and have a solid shape that lets the plant stand out. In other words, it should partner well with the plant or flower planted in it, according to Erika Pekkari.

The pot comes in different sizes and colours, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It also has a practical draining hole, which makes it ideal to plant in.

To the pot

Decorate the entrance

Create a holiday mood in the entrance with potted thuja. This popular and easy-to-care-for conifer adds a festive and exclusive touch when combined with a nice pot and tree star topper. The brass Hortus pot was designed by Svenskt Tenn back in 1938, while the tree star is a new addition to the range. It was designed by Luke Edward Hall for the 2022 Christmas collection, inspired and named after the son of the sea god in Greek mythology.

To the tree star topper

Fruit on a platter

The brass Hortus pot was designed by Svenskt Tenn in 1938, while the glass version was designed by Josef Frank in 1942, when metal was hard to come by due to the war. The jardiniere from the same collection has been in the Svenskt Tenn archive for many years and is now being made at the Reijmyre Glasbruk (Reijmyre Glassworks) in Östergötland. Seven craftspeople are involved in the process from start to finish: a glass melter, four glass blowers and two people responsible for the finishing. The jardiniere is beautiful and versatile and can be used both as a base for a flower arrangement or as a decorative fruit platter.

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