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Josef Frank's Wallpapers

Bright colours and powerful patterns can take away the feeling of confinement. Even a poky little cubby-hole can be exciting with striking wallpaper.

– Josef Frank

Josef Frank always designed prints for different purposes. He never used fabric patterns for wallpaper or wallpaper patterns for fabrics, but made sure that each pattern had a unique use. In his dreamlike wallpaper he combined the plants of the real world with colourful flowers of the imagination. All the wallpapers were designed around 1947, and Josef Frank gave them beautiful, evocative names such as Sagoträdet (Fairy Tale Tree), Eldblomman (Fire flower), Stjärnmattan (Star Chart), Vårklockor (Spring Bells), Söndagsmorgon (Sunday Morning) and Paradiset (The Paradise).

These prints were designed to bring life, warmth and cosiness to cramped and dark places through exciting motifs and colourful expressions. He advocated wallpaper mainly for smaller spaces such as corridors, halls and narrow passageways, but today his floral wallpapers are used just as often in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.


One of Josef Frank’s most popular wallpapers is Eldblomman, where the coarse stem moves upwards and is entwined by a small flowering climbing plant. The thin spiral lines and small flowers become necessary counterbalances to the large and powerful in the pattern.

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In the Klöverblad wallpaper, the green clover leaves wind their way across the white background. This wallpaper has a clean and simple pattern design. It is balanced and calming, and stands out from Josef Frank’s otherwise often vibrant pattern world. If you look closely, you can see two four-leaf clovers in the billowing pattern repeat.

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In the Vårklockor wallpaper, leaves and flowers are kept to one and the same scale, like in a flowerbed. In the horizontal beds are many of our familiar spring flowers such as the tulip, crocus, coltsfoot and forget-me-not.

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The pattern on this wallpaper undoubtedly links to the oriental tree of life so often depicted by Josef Frank in his textile designs. Josef Frank has created a fairy tale tree with anemones accompanied by fantasy flowers. The small purple flowers and green leaves blend into a background against which some larger flowers and flower stalks emerge.

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After having equipped himself with field manuals on herbs, flowers, flora and fauna, Josef Frank created exceptional pattern compositions. One of these is the pattern in the Söndagsmorgon (Sunday Morning) wallpaper, in which he draws a fairy tale composition of green leaves, flowers and grasses.

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For nearly 170 years, contemporary wallpapers have been produced by the Åsunden lake in Västergötland, Sweden.

Wallpaper samples

Order wallpaper samples online so that you can look at, compare and try out the wallpaper in the room.