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    Estrid Ericson
    Height 12 cm

    Pick your acorns in October, when they are in an ideal condition. Place them in a bowl of water, and after 3 to 6 weeks, they should have started to sprout. Fill the Acorn vase with water and put your sprouting acorn in it. After further 3 to 6 weeks, a delicate little oak seedling will sprout.

    Avoid direct sunlight since sun through glass may cause burn damage to adjacent surfaces.

  • Design

    In the summer house called Tolvekarna (Twelve Oaks) on Tyresö outside Stockholm, Svenskt Tenn's founder Estrid Ericson found her creativity and inspiration. Here she put together beautiful flower arrangements for the store at Strandvägen 5, planned table settings and got ideas for new products. It was here, in the 1930s, that she came up with the idea of letting acorns sprout in a single small glass vase.

    The design of the vase was inspired by the historical measurement "Jungfrun" (the maiden), whose name comes from the fact it is often shaped as a shortened cone, resembling a young woman, with a full-length skirt. The vase has a slightly widened opening so that the acorn can easily fit into place and sprout, and today it has become a classic in many people's homes.


    Estrid Ericson

    Estrid Ericson
    Estrid Ericson

    Estrid Ericson began her career as a drawing teacher and pewter artist. But what really set her apart during her 56 years as managing director for Svenskt Tenn were her abilities as a producer and scenographer. Ericson never had an aesthetic programme mapped out, but she had an imaginative person’s perceptiveness for the many faces of beauty. Read more

  • Care instructions

    Keep in mind that humidity can damage table tops and other surfaces. Wipe the vase dry immediately after filling it with water, and always keep it dry to reduce the need for polishing.

  • Sustainability and manufacturing



    Svenskt Tenn cares about the environment and sustainability, and the classic glass items in its range are no exception. When Skruf Glassworks in Småland produces glass items for Svenskt Tenn, it uses lead-free glass pellets that are mixed with approximately 30 per cent shards, the broken glass leftovers from manufacturing. The pellets come from Emmaboda, which is about 20 kilometres from the glassworks. Skruf uses an electric furnace, powered only with electricity from water and wind power. Waste, such as corrugated board and other combustibles, are sorted and sent for recycling. Any broken glass that is not used by the glassworks is sold to glass studios, which means that almost all of the glass is recycled. The premises themselves are heated with the help of wood pellets.

    Purchasing Swedish glass cuts down on transport distances, helping to avoid a heavy climate impact, and by producing timeless products of high quality and a long service life, we are taking efforts not to waste the earth’s resources. Classic glass objects are rarely thrown away. Instead, they are preserved throughout the years and can be resold or passed down as gifts to the next generation.


    “The first thing that happens in the production of the acorn vase is that we pick up the glass and roll it into an even lump. Then we blow in some air in the barrel before we go into the mold and blow out the round shape. When we are done with the glass blowing part, we remove the glass from the mold and tap it off the barrel.

    Then we let it cool down from 500 to 30 degrees, a process that takes about four hours. When the glass has cooled, we remove a part of the opening so that all the vases are the same height. We draw with a small carving on the glass and then heat it lightly with a gas flame so that it cracks right at the scratch. After that, we grind away any irregularities that remains, and heat up the rim so that it becomes round and sleek. Finally, we inspect each individual vase before we pack it up and send it to the store at Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm.”

    - Kent Elm, CEO at Skrufs Glassworks.

    Sustainability in focus

    Read more about Svenskt Tenn's Sustainability Philosophy below.

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Vase Acorn Height 12 cm, Glass, Clear

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