Café Svenskt Tenn

Café Svenskt Tenn

Quality, longevity and sustainability are key words reflected throughout Svenskt Tenn, from the manufacturing of the products in its range to the selection of ingredients in the café. The food is prepared with locally grown, organic ingredients and the menus are seasonal to take advantage of the best of winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Café Svenskt Tenn serves savoury, tart and sweet dishes that follow the changing seasons. Some examples are the Ravioli in Broth and The Hearty Pie, which in autumn can be flavoured with root vegetables, mushrooms, pumpkin and chestnut. During the winter months, the colours become darker and the flavours richer. As spring approaches, nettles, asparagus and other greens hint at the coming season. With the arrival of summer, cream cheese, new potatoes, pickled peas and other greens, give dishes a fresh character. Late summer brings with it aubergines, artichokes and other vegetables that have become possible to grow even up at our latitudes.

The dishes on the menu are suitable for breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee/tea and early dinner. The food is accompanied by craft beverages: wine by the glass, our own kombucha, coffee and tea.

Svenskt Tenn’s founder, Estrid Ericson, was a great tea lover who is said to have drunk five cups of tea every day: two and a half in the morning and two and a half at lunch. Café Svenskt Tenn offers therefore a wide range of teas, with everything from delicate, grassy Japanese green teas, Oolong foraged from Thailand, and Indian Darjeeling, to our own flavoured blend of Chinese Keemun/Yunnan.

The café is run together with Petter Nilsson, founder and owner of the Stockholm restaurant, Petri.


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