Tipping Points

Autumn fall exhibition inspiration Svenskt Tenn

Exhibited at Strandvägen 5 08.09.2020 - 21.09.2020

Students in Visual Communication at Beckman’s College of Design interpret the Beijer Institute's research on “tipping points”.

The exhibition draws attention to the gradual environmental impact that nature is exposed to, and the fact that the ecosystem doesn’t always respond with gradual transformation. Instead, it becomes more sensitive to sudden impacts such as storms, floods and wildfires. These impacts can cause the development to tip over into a downward spiral that is difficult, expensive or impossible to break out of. The consequences can be extensive for the ecosystem, human life and society. In their designs, the students have freely interpreted this, for humanity’s vital area of research.

The Beijer Institute for Ecological Economics is an international interdisciplinary research institute at the Royal Swedish Academy of Science. Its goal is a deeper understanding of the interplay between ecological systems, economics and society in order to find ways towards sustainable development.

Svenskt Tenn's surplus contributes to the funding of the ongoing research at the Beijer Institute, through the Kjell and Märta Beijer foundation.

Tipping Points Exhibition Svenskt Tenn