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  • Product information
    Article number:
    Josef Frank
    97 cm
    190 cm
    80 cm
    Seat height:
    45 cm (with cushion)
    Seat depth:
    60 cm
    Armrest height:
    65 cm

    Fabric requirement 130 cm: 4,0 m

    Fabric requirement 150 cm: 4,0 m

    Fabric requirement Printed fabric: 4,5 m

    Lacquered rattan, bent and wrapped by hand. Seat cushion made of synthetic fibre and feather with a removable case.

    Price excluding cushion and fabric. Textile consumption for cushion 4 m, for patterned fabric 4,5 m.

    The sofa is handcrafted in Sweden.

    When buying furniture from Svenskt Tenn, you can receive a certificate of authenticity with the title, designer, date and receipt.

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  • Design

    Josef Frank designed many pieces of furniture in rattan and bamboo. Sofa 311, designed in the 1930s, has as is so often the case with Josef Frank’s designs, an airy feeling with its slender-limbed pattern and gently rounded back and arms. The sofa is primarily intended for indoor use.



    Josef Frank

    Josef Frank
    Josef Frank

    Josef Frank grew up in Vienna and studied architecture at Konstgewerbeschule. In the 1920s he designed housing estates and large residential blocks built around common courtyards in a Vienna with severe housing shortages. In 1925 he started the Haus & Garten interior firm together with architect colleagues Oskar Wlach and Walther Sobotka. Svenskt Tenn hired Josef Frank in 1934 and just a few years later he and Estrid Ericson made their international breakthrough. Although he was already 50 when he left the burgeoning Nazism in Vienna for Sweden, Frank is considered one of Sweden’s most important designers. Read more

  • Care instructions

    Svenskt Tenns furniture in rattan are lacquered. Clean with a soft cloth dampened with mild dish detergent or soapy water. Dry with a soft cloth. Do not expose the furniture to prolonged humidity or direct heat or use polish, oil or abrasive cleaners on the furniture.

  • Sustainability and manufacturing



    Larsson Korgmakare is Sweden’s only manufacturer of rattan furniture and one of the few in Europe who has knowledge of the craft. Since 1903 they have employed craftsmanship in the manufacture and renovation of furniture and other items made of rattan, seaweed and string. The tools, workbenches, workbooks and checkouts that are used are the same now as then, and no toxic material or means are used during the manufacture.

    The workshop buys the rattan from Southeast Asia, usually Malaysia. The material is fast-growing and cultivated, and once harvested it is cut above the root and begins growing once again. The rattan is always purchased in small quantities in order to ensure the highest quality, and the workshop places great importance on ensuring that everything that is purchased is also used.

    This is how Svenskt Tenn’s rattan furniture is produced

    Larsson Korgmakare is located in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, some 3 km from Svenskt Tenn’s store at Strandvägen 5. Here, Erica Larsson and her co-worker Lasse work together and jointly handle the production of Svenskt Tenn’s rattan sofas, armchairs and stools. It was Erica’s paternal grandfather, John, who commenced the cooperation with Josef Frank in the 1930s.

    In the manufacture of Svenskt Tenn’s rattan furniture, the process begins with the selection of suitable rattan sticks, which are cut into the correct length. After that, each stick is aligned to become as straight as possible. Following alignment, the furniture template is reviewed in order to decide where the first bend is to be made. After that, the rattan is attached to the vice before being heated up by flame. The heating process makes the material soft and compliant so that it can then be bent by hand and shaped with the help of a bending iron.

    Once the rattan has been shaped, it is cooled with water in order to lock the fibres. The various parts are then put together to form furniture using nails or screws. Long strips are made out of the rattan peel. They are dampened and used to bind the furniture.

    Sustainability in focus

    Read more about Svenskt Tenn's Sustainability Philosophy below.

  • Inspiration


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Sofa 311 Rattan

7,000 USD (incl. VAT, excl. cushion)

Stock: In stock

The product is handcrafted after ordering. Contact Svenskt Tenn's Customer Service for information and to place your order.

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