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Svenskt Tenn's lighting range

Lamps and lighting are essential in interior design and Estrid Ericson as well as Josef Frank put great emphasis on the placement of lamps and lighting in the home.

Varying the lighting through different lamps makes a big difference to an interior. Optimise the lighting by combining small and big lamps, floor lamps and table lamps to achieve a well-balanced ensemble. Different types of lamps can be combined and varied endlessly to create the perfect lighting in your home. At Svenskt Tenn there’s a wide range of lighting both online and in the store on Strandvägen 5.

Today our lighting range consists largely of lamps with Josef Frank’s fixtures and lampshades, as well as classic designs and lighting by, among others, Björn Trägårdh and contemporary designers like Michael Anastassiades and Harri Koskinen. Svenskt Tenn also has the sole rights to sell lighting from certain external brands and manufacturers.

“Electrical fixtures can be made more mobile than others. You can direct the light upwards or downwards or how you like, and thus make the lighting of the room more varied.”
– Estrid Ericson

Decorate with lamps and lighting

Some tips and tricks to use when decorating with lighting:

1. Excitement and dynamism are created in a room when the lighting is varied and the lamps are placed at different heights.
2. Feel free to use different types of lighting in different places in the room.
3. Pleasant lighting is necessary to get the right feeling in an interior.
4. A beautiful lamp can also work as an elegant sculpture.
5. Do not select colours that happen to be trendy for your lampshades – select them according to what you like.
6. Josef Frank’s fixtures are often designed so that the light bulb socket is visible. These should therefore not be covered by the shade.