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    India Mahdavi
    Pewter & Brass
    Lenght 41 cm Width 20 cm Height 2,1 cm
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    In a unique collaboration with Svenskt Tenn, French architect and interior designer India Mahdavi has transformed two of her iconic petits objets into pewter objects. Both the Peanut plate and the Marble vase are made in pewter, as a tribute to Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson. She started the company in 1924 at the age of 30, and Mahdavi describes her as a strong and independent entrepreneur, and an example for women everywhere.


    India Mahdavi

    India Mahdavi

    Since the opening of her studio in 2000, architect and interior designer India Mahdavi has been recognised for the diversity of her international projects, which explore the fields of architecture, interior design, scenography, furniture, and object design. Her studio, petits objets boutique, showroom and project room – a place about free expression – are all based in one single street in Paris, rue Las Cases.

    India Mahdavi is known for creating unique environments, combining a modern sense of comfort and elegance with colour and humour. Often referred to as ‘the Queen of Colour’ and describing herself as Polyglotte and Polychrome, India Mahdavi offers a special vocabulary that is joyful, cosmopolite and elegant at the same time. Read more

  • Care instructions

    Pewter is a soft material that requires careful treatment. We recommend using cotton gloves when handling pewter. Objects that are not being used can be stored in a plastic or felt bag to avoid scratching.

    It is generally recommended to avoid using polish on pewter, since it can cause scratches. To remove fingerprints and other stains, rinse the pewter in warm water with a small amount of dish detergent. Dry with a soft cloth. For more advanced cleaning of pewter objects we recommend a professional restorer, for example, KA Johnsson in Stockholm.

    Unpolished brass will become darker over time from exposure to air. This change can be beautiful. If the surface is affected by water, grease such as fingerprints or by other corroding substances, it can eventually be damaged and more difficult to polish away. This can happen especially in a humid environment.

    Clean the surface with a soft cloth. For a deeper cleaning we recommend a gentle, non-abrasive brass polish. Avoid using brushes, steel wool, polishing cloths, sponges and the like since the surface of brass is sensitive to objects that can scratch. Also avoid lengthy contact with oxides that can cause permanent damage. To avoid water damage, keep surfaces dry with a soft cloth.

  • Sustainability and manufacturing



    The metal pewter has been used since ancient times and is extracted from the mineral cassiterite. Throughout the manufacturing process of Svenskt Tenn’s pewter objects, waste is minimised and whatever metal scrap remains is sent to recycling. Excess pewter can be melted down and used once again. The family-owned company Freitas in Portugal manufactures some of Svenskt Tenn's pewter items, and the company follows EU rules and regulations when it comes to production of pewter.

    This is how pewter objects are manufactured at Freitas

    At Freitas, several craftsmen work with the production of Svenskt Tenn's objects. The prototypes are made by hand without templates and molds. Once the prototypes are made, they manufacture specific molds for casting or spinning. Sometimes different parts need to be soldered together before the objects are engraved, polished, cleaned and finally checked and approved before they are sent to Svenskt Tenn.

    Sustainability in focus

    Read more about Svenskt Tenn's Sustainability Philosophy below.

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Plate Peanut Lenght 41 cm Width 20 cm Height 2,1 cm, Pewter & Brass

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