Cabinet 2192 - 125x82x38 cm, Mahogany, Blue, Josef Frank | Svenskt Tenn

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    Josef Frank
    125x82x38 cm
    125 cm
    82 cm
    38 cm

    Two removable shelves are included.

    The cupboard is in mahogany with hinges in brass.

    The cabinet is handcrafted in Sweden.

    When buying furniture from Svenskt Tenn, you can receive a certificate of authenticity with the title, designer, date and receipt.

  • Design

    Cabinet 2192, also called the "Corrugated cabinet" referring to the ribbed front, was designed by Josef Frank in 1954. The form of the front is irregular and gives a shadow effect that makes the design unusual and innovative. As so often, Josef Frank used different materials: a lacquered cabinet, leg stand and inside in mahogany and characteristic acorn-shaped hinges in brass. This cabinet has previously been made in leather. There are also preserved cabinets from Josef Frank’s time in Vienna, made in his own fabrics and chintzes.


    Josef Frank

    Josef Frank

    Josef Frank grew up in Vienna and studied architecture at Konstgewerbeschule. In the 1920s he designed housing estates and large residential blocks built around common courtyards in a Vienna with severe housing shortages. In 1925 he started the Haus & Garten interior firm together with architect colleagues Oskar Wlach and Walther Sobotka. Svenskt Tenn hired Josef Frank in 1934 and just a few years later he and Estrid Ericson made their international breakthrough. Although he was already 50 when he left the burgeoning Nazism in Vienna for Sweden, Frank is considered one of Sweden’s most important designers. Read more

  • Sustainability and manufacturing



    Wood is renewable, reusable and bio- degradable. Svenskt Tenn has worked with wood since the 1930s and the material is also one of the most dominant in the company’s production today. But for wood to be a really good material from an environmental point of view, it should come from responsibly managed forests.

    All of Svenskt Tenn’s furniture suppliers and their wood suppliers are subject to the EU’s Timber Regulation, which has strict rules for the wood trade. This is to deal with the global problem of illegal logging and to counter trafficking in illegal timber and wooden goods within the EU.



    “When I cut profiles using Japanese chisels or glue pegs which fit the best, I feel a an extraordinary and very tangible professional pride”

    - Anders Mattsson, master carpenter.

    Cabinet 2192, or the "Corrugated Cabinet” as it is also called, has been produced by the same master carpenter for almost 20 years. The unique feature of this almost iconic cabinet lies in its front profiling, which changes with the light and the position of the viewer. The profile forms a visual unity which is repeated and continues to the very front corners of the cabinet.

    This profiling is the cabinet’s signature feature, but also a challenge for the furniture maker. Each profile must be formed separately from the finest of wood, knot free and straight grown, and they are set together to form the final product which Josef Frank desired and envisioned. The furniture maker’s task is to construct the cabinet so that the living timber can move without affecting the functionality of the doors.

    The painting of the cabinet is done in several layers until the surface glistens. The various colours are carefully selected to be harmonious with the pure mahogany interior, which is repeated in the ingenious position of the legs that carry the cabinet. Ingenious inasmuch as the cabinet rests on legs with an elevated structure, beautifully formed but challenging to produce.

    The thick mahogany veneer will withstand wear-and-tear and and can be renovated several times if required. The solid brass hinges are especially designed for this piece of furniture. They age beautifully and eventually obtain a lovely patina.

    Every part of Cabinet 2192 is produced with great care and craftsmanship. Time-consuming and precise work is involved, which imposes exacting demands on the maker, and thus the delivery time for the furniture can vary. The finished cabinet can then be enjoyed for many years to come; a timeless piece of furniture that will last for generations.

    Sustainability in focus

    Read more about Svenskt Tenn's Sustainability Philosophy below.

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Cabinet 2192 125x82x38 cm, Mahogany, Blue

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